Why Situps?

200 Situps Training Program

Situps are one of the most basic and common exercises for the human body.

In conjunction with a balanced diet situps will help build a strong and well-balanced mid-section which is instrumental in practically all sports and physical performance, as well as in maintaining good posture and preventing injury.

Situps can be performed no matter where you are, and best of all, they are completely free – no expensive equipment or annual gym fees required! If you’re looking to develop a great core and mid-section, you could do much worse than follow along with the two hundred situps plan.

To improve your core strength, fitness and general health all you need to do is commit about 30 minutes of your time per week, and follow the 200 situps training program as closely as you can. I promise you will feel much better about yourself and much more confident after just a few short workouts.

Good luck!